The Benefits of Technology in Therapy Sessions

  • December 23, 2020
  • Bilingual Therapies

Some may not understand why technology can be an asset for speech and language learners. The biggest reason is that they actively engage kids. In addition to this, family members will often get involved and participate when technology is incorporated. With these resources, students can work on vocabulary, articulation, sequencing, pragmatics, building their self-confidence when speaking, and more. 

With a growing multicultural population, the need for bilingual school professionals is increasing. This means that there is a high demand for expert speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, sign language interpreters, and school psychologists and an even higher demand for those that are bilingual. Telepractice providers use easy-to-use technology to remotely provide services to their students and help form a strong foundation for long-term success. Telepractice services offer a variety of benefits for students and school districts and here we highlight some key benefits.


When you and your students use the internet and video conferencing programs to conduct your sessions, geography knows no bounds. In theory, you aren’t limited to students based in the United States. You’ll have access to a larger patient base, which puts more money in your pocket. 

Access to a bilingual SLP or other bilingual professionals is not always available to students. This is especially true in remote areas or districts where there may only be a minimal need. There may not be professionals available in their area. Teletherapy services solves this problem. Through online remote access, bilingual students can receive the therapy services they need to thrive and succeed. 

Variety of Activities and Resources

Many apps that are specifically made for speech and language sessions are pay-to-play and more intricate than most children will need at home. Since many families have mobile technology, look for apps that can go on a tablet or smartphone. Rather than search within the app stores, there are several resources out there to help match up kids and apps. Below are three that are excellent for students:

Also check out websites related to shows, characters, and other popular items for online games that kids can use on computers. Be sure to give families several ideas for kids to use. Encourage them to focus on speech and language goals while having fun with these apps or games. Remember another positive is that many of these technology options will be friendly to multilingual learners and assist all members of their family.

If students do not have access to tablets, smartphones, or computers at home, encourage families to go to their local library. Many libraries have areas where children may get an hour on the computers with internet access. In addition to this, some libraries also allow patrons to check out eReaders that may also help with these. 


When you choose a teletherapy assignment, you gain the time you may have lost with a commute. Often times, a commute will include routes to several school locations due to a high need of bilingual therapists. Using telepractice services reduces this time lost, adding the flexibility to serve more students from one central location. This also allows you to maintain a schedule that fits the needs of your work life balance. 

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The Benefits of Technology in Therapy Sessions
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