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When you trust Bilingual Therapies to equip you with school-based professionals, we go the distance to ensure you are receiving team members who prioritize inclusivity, diversity and community.

Dedicated to the Bilingual Student Population

Our team takes immense pride in providing you with professionals who are dedicated and knowledgeable about helping students in the bilingual population. That’s what sets Bilingual Therapies apart from any other staffing agency – our dedication to matching you with top-notch educational professionals who go the distance to provide a vibrant, welcoming environment.

Education Professionals for Schools

  • Speech-Language Pathologist
    Our incomparable monolingual and bilingual speech-language pathologists are experts in the field of communication. These school-based professionals are equipped with the tools and knowledge required to support the student’s communication needs. SLPs evaluate and provide intervention for speech, language and communication disorders. They also work collaboratively with IEP team members and inform families and caregivers of how to best assist the student in developing their communication skills.
  • School Psychologist
    Every student deserves access to a school psychologist, including those who are bilingual speakers. That’s why Bilingual Therapies is committed to providing both monolingual and bilingual School Psychologists to provide equal opportunities to mental and emotional health needs. In addition to serving students’ mental health needs, school psychologists also bridge a gap between necessary collaborators such as parents, teachers and administrators.
  • Special Education Teachers
    Our special education teachers ensure that students with disabilities can successfully access the classroom curriculum. Their focus is to provide an inclusive classroom environment with the resources students need to succeed. These professionals provide intervention as it relates to the student IEPs, offer personalized learning environments and meet with the teachers and parents to communicate student progress.
  • Sign Language Interpreters
    Sign language interpreters are essential to providing students with the communication tools they need to thrive in their school environment. Our SLIs help students by conveying the essence and content of communication being delivered in the classroom. When the student needs to respond in class, they can rely on the SLI to interpret their response and voice it for them.
  • School Occupational Therapists
    Our monolingual and bilingual school occupational therapists provide a wide variety of assistance to students. This includes consultations, evaluations, monitoring, supervision and intervention. Our OT professionals work to reduce physical barriers that limit student participation, work with teachers to plan relevant instructional activities and support student success by providing assistive technology. 
  • School-based Physical Therapists
    Our talented and committed physical therapists work closely with school professionals to help students achieve their educational goals by improving the student’s access to the school and mobility within it. This includes assistance with activities involved in a school day such as moving throughout school grounds, sitting, standing in line, or at the board and moving in class or throughout the building.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
    Providing students with the assistance they need is the objective of our highly-skilled deaf and hard of hearing teachers. In addition to working in a variety of settings, these professionals will work with evaluation teams to consult on placement, transition, curriculum and accommodation decisions. You can anticipate our exceptional DHH teachers to encourage communication, instill self-advocacy and orient students to their equipment (like hearing aids) as well as their classroom equipment (like FM systems).
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
    Helping classroom teachers and others adapt materials and curriculum to make them accessible to visually impaired students are some of the many services you can anticipate from our TVIs. Our TVIs provide their students with resources and tools and they are responsible for adjusting the learning environment to help students best succeed.

Teletherapists For Schools

In addition to on-site education professionals, we offer telepractioners. Our trained teletherapists offer premier services from anyone in the country. There are several benefits to hiring a teletherapist, the first being the accessibility for students to receive the assistance they need from any location. When you receive a teletherapist through Bilingual Therapies, you can rest assured knowing that your students will receive incomparable care to help them thrive in their school and personal environments.
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Bilingual Therapies provides exemplary levels of support to its contracting therapists.

We have been impressed by the company’s provision of continuing education, therapy materials provided as needed and mentorship to contracting Speech Language Pathologists. The support staff and office representatives have also gone above and beyond to ensure out district’s needs are satisfied with top candidates.

Brandi Breaux M.A., CCC-SLP Lead Speech Language Pathologist

We have been extremely happy with the high quality therapists that Bilinguals has provided to us.

Your therapists have consistently provided professional services to the students in Los Angeles Unified School District. Hopefully you will have some more for us in the upcoming school year!

Shellie, Coordinator

Let us connect your bilingual students to the education professionals they need!