Speech & Language Evaluation Services

Speech and language evaluations can be a very complicated process and it can be hard to find trained speech-language pathologists who specialize in conducting them for bilingual students. Our SLPs are specially trained to conduct Speech and Language Evaluations for students who are culturally and linguistically diverse.
Bilingual Focus

Bilingual Focus

We are experienced in performing evaluations in the school-based setting and can evaluate multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Urdu and Russian. Our telepractice services help to ensure that student evaluations are compliant and completed in a timely manner, even if there is not a qualified therapist in your area.

Accurate Evaluation Reporting

Accurate Evaluation Reporting

After the evaluation is complete, you are provided with a detailed report of the student’s communication strengths and needs, and recommendations for IEP committees regarding therapy.

Follow-up for Success

Follow-up for Success

If the student does need therapy, we have speech-language pathologists across the country that are dedicated to helping students who are emerging English learners. With our Telepractice options, we can serve any school regardless of location.

What happens during a Speech & Language Evaluation?

After reviewing the referral question, our professional will perform parent (caregiver), student and teacher interviews. The SLP will perform a variety of assessment tasks with the student to evaluate the areas of concern, such as articulation, receptive and expressive language, voice quality, fluency and social language. For bilingual and second language students, these same areas will be assessed in their native language. Ultimately, the goal of the evaluation is to identify whether a disability is present and to recommend appropriate intervention goals. After the assessment, the SLP will complete a written report of the evaluation that includes the child’s history, speech and language abilities, and recommendations for future treatment.

We have been extremely happy with the high quality therapists that Bilinguals has provided to us.

Your therapists have consistently provided professional services to the students in Los Angeles Unified School District. Hopefully you will have some more for us in the upcoming school year!

Shellie, Coordinator

For me, Bilingual Therapies has been a helpful presence through the end of grad school and during my CFY.

While all my friends were stressing about jobs and licensing stuff, Bilingual Therapies was providing support and reinforcing their commitment to my value as a future bilingual service provider.

Jami Newcomb M.S. CF-SLP, Wisconsin

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