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At Bilingual Therapies, honoring the cultural and linguistic diversity of students and families is at the heart of how we support our educational professionals.


Become part of a bilingual professional community that is ready to support your success in every chapter of your career. You can count on our community of bilingual professionals and in-house clinical experts to help when working on tough cases. We’re here to advocate for you as you support culturally and linguistically diverse students.



You understand what it takes to support a bilingual student. We understand what it takes to equip you with the confidence you need to help your students succeed. You are not just a number to us, but an extension of our family – and we take care of our family.



The diversity of our backgrounds is what makes each of us special. Walk confidently into the workplace knowing that you have the knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing profession. When we unite to celebrate one another, we create brighter futures together.


Teletherapy broadens the reach of bilingual therapy services so students can receive the high-quality services they need - no matter what part of the country they are located in. Whether you are a monolingual or bilingual SLP, occupational therapist or school psychologist, we have an education remote job for you. Help students make progress on goals that impact their academic potential, all from the comfort of your home office.
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Our educational professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help the culturally diverse student population in your school district thrive. When you hire a Bilingual Therapies clinician, you can expect a top-notch professional whose job preparation exceeds professional standards. We are dedicated to helping our professionals succeed by offering consistent training, continuing education and more!
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We have been extremely happy with the high quality therapists that Bilinguals has provided to us.

Your therapists have consistently provided professional services to the students in Los Angeles Unified School District. Hopefully you will have some more for us in the upcoming school year!

Shellie, Coordinator

Working with Bilingual Therapies has been an uncomplicated and pleasing experience. Since even before I was officially hired they have always been patient with me, and have gone above and beyond to troubleshoot any difficulties we may have encountered on the way.

They show you they trust you as a worker, employee, and professional by not micro-managing your every step, but being there every single time you need them.

Victor Gomez, Speech-Language Pathologist


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Together, let’s create brighter futures for culturally diverse students.