Top 5 Tools for SLPs

  • August 19, 2019
  • Bilingual Therapies

sensory activitiesWorking with students on their speech and language goals, evaluating them, and keeping lines of communication open with families can be challenging. Thanks to technology, we have a lot of resources available to help us with our daily tasks. Using these tools will help to maximize time, balance work, and keep things fresh within your sessions.

Apps for SLPs

Kids of all ages love to use technology devices. Using apps from time to time is a fun way to incorporate speech and language goals into real world items. In addition to this, apps are wonderful to recommend to families to use at home. Many times, they may want something for on the go to work on their child’s skills. A great place to start are these lists for free SLP appsApp reviews by SLPs, and educational app lists.

Teachers Pay Teachers

While it’s great to make your own lesson plans to use in sessions, you don’t always have to do this. Thanks to the website Teachers Pay Teachers, you can find activities, planners, and other resources from other SLPs that may be helpful to you. Most of the bundles cost, but some are free. In addition to buying plans on Teachers Pay Teachers, you may also want to share what you have made. Follow their directions and possibly earn some extra income for your hard work while helping others in your field.

SLP Session Resources

Beyond the plans for SLP sessions, there is a lot of additional pieces which are needed to keep things going day to day. There are some great lists on Pinterest with places to look online for information on behavior management, free organizational printables, and motivational freebies.  There are a lot of ideas in these places that will help with students who may have different needs, or keep your files and plans in order.

SLP Blogs

Blogs continue to be a popular space for people to share what they have been doing with students. There are a wide variety of SLP blogs out there for others to benefit from. Many of these websites have additional tools, plans, and examples of what they have successfully done. Some of these SLP bloggers are also found on other social media platforms, so be sure to check their blogs for more information.

SLP Professional References

As an SLP, it’s important to keep up to date on your profession. This means visiting professional organizations, looking for conventions/conferences/workshops to go to, and participating in free webinars/conferences. In addition to this you must stay on top of the changing demands of IEPs and work on how to manage your caseload. It’s also nice to see what type of SLP advocacy and SLP funding or grants are available.

How have you used these tools within your sessions or career? Please share examples and how you utilized when for your professional planning or while working with students.



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