Mother’s Day Traditions – BT Edition

  • May 11, 2018
  • Bonnie Steiner

BT Mothers DayMother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in our lives who raised, inspired, and taught us so many invaluable life lessons! Many families have a common tradition for Mother’s Day – whether it’s a special brunch, dinner, or activity to celebrate “Mom.”

At Bilingual Therapies, our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds, which is great for story-telling and sharing different perspectives! This year, we wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing the traditions from our office team members. Whether they celebrated these traditions when they were kids or if they’ve continued them until today, each team member felt a sense of nostalgia and warmth when describing their traditions.

Here are just a few of the special traditions our #BTFam holds dear on Mother’s Day:

Krystal Rosario (Hiring Manager) – originally from Puerto Rico:

“Mother’s day with my beautiful Mother in PR was like many holidays on the island, with the exception that we make sure she is not the one doing anything this time!

There are 2 ways that Mother’s day occurred in the Rosario Residence…

Option 1: 

  1. Breakfast in bed by me. (Pancakes, eggs, bacon, cheese, fruits, coffee, water & mimosas) – YUM!
  2. Give her gifts to her while she’s still in bed. The gift from me is always her favorite bottle of champagne/chocolates/money, or something she needed. My dad always gives her a card with money. Then hugs and kisses followed along with a family photo!
  3. Head to my grandma’s (dad’s mom’s) house or to church
  4. After leaving my grandma’s house or church, we would enjoy a few drinks either in Cataño-Bay view or San Juan-downtown
  5. To finalize the day/night we would probably have dinner at a seafood restaurant with a good ambiance/good mother’s day specials for food and beverages

Option 2:

  1. Breakfast in bed by me (Pancakes, eggs, bacon, cheese, fruits, coffee, water & mimosas)
  2. Give her gifts to her while she’s still in bed. Gift from me is always her favorite bottle of champagne/chocolates/money or something she needed. My dad always gets her a card with money. Then hugs and kisses followed along with a family photo!
  3. Visit my Grandmother’s (Moms side) grave  with fresh flowers
  4. After visiting the grave, go visit my aunts, mom’s friend, or my mom’s boss at one of their get-togethers(full of food/drinks/music/most of the family members)
  5. Last: go home and watch a movie with the family

Today, since I live and work in Atlanta, GA, I had to change up our tradition. I send her gift one week before and call her first thing in the morning to say I love her and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She responds with, “When are you going to make me a grandma?!” Typical Mom! For the rest of the day, I follow her Facebook Live videos!” 

mothers day celebration


Brett Hopkins, Recruitment Manager

“Early Sunday morning, I would wake up before my parents and go into the kitchen to fix my mom’s favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit. I would make her coffee in her favorite cup and bring her the breakfast in bed. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles would come over, and we would eat a big lunch, and then all go to our farm for hamburgers and hot dogs that evening. It was an enjoyable time to be with family to make lasting memories that we could tell our children and grandchildren about.”


Jennifer Barrett, Business Coordinator

We don’t have one specific tradition, so we just kind of go with the flow on that day. We always pick up my grandmother and take her to lunch, and then afterward, I let my mother tell me what she wants to do, and we do that. Of course, there are also gifts involved!

mothers day celebration jenn

Melissa White, Co-Clinical Director

“My mom, Juanita, is celebrated twice for Mother’s Day.  The first celebration is on May 10th (Mexican Mother’s Day) and the second is the traditional American Mother’s Day.  We’ve celebrated in a million ways, taking her out for a nice meal, making her a great breakfast, having her serenaded by Mariachis and taking her on trips.  This year, part of her gift is taking her to Las Vegas while I’m at the Bilingual Symposium!”

mothers day celebration meli


Amy Gomez, Account Executive

“I celebrate Mother’s Day every chance I get. I am privileged to have an amazing, hardworking, and loving mother, so the least I can do is show her how grateful I am!

I like cooking for my mom and taking her shopping. She loves pasta, and I happen to be her favorite pasta chef. She lives out of state, but I ALWAYS make it up to her!”

mothers day traditions

We encourage you to share your Mother’s Day traditions with us – you never know – it might inspire others to do the same or give them a sense of nostalgia!

Whether you’re able to spend time with your mother this Mother’s Day or not, make sure you do something special to celebrate her.

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