In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

  • March 8, 2018
  • Bilingual Therapies

march lion lambFeelings are a topic that can be difficult for many children to talk about. Some kids may not have the right words due to a language barrier. Others may simply be confused with the complexity of the topic and how to express their own feelings.  Then, more kids may not be able to read the body language which tells us about the feelings of others.

Regulating Your Feelings

Self-regulation can be difficult for many students for a variety of reasons. Many times, they simply do not understand the way they feel. A twist on learning about feelings is to use March favorites lions and lambs. When you build these skills, it will help children to cope with changes, control emotions, and adjust to the ever-changing classroom environment.

Have photos of a lion and a lamb for a discussion about their feelings. Make a group list of what a lion feels and compare what a lamb feels.  Lions may feel angry, loud, and fierce. Lambs may feel shy, quiet, and calm. Use these to engage kids. At different times, you may need a child to be a lion or a lamb.

Practice scenes where they may need to quiet down. Discuss how channeling their inner lamb can help them when they are more upset. Try the same for scenarios where children may need to be more alert like a lion. How can being more fast and fierce assist them during this time? Be sure to send home messages to families.

These are skills which they can practice at home with their children. Include activity ideas and translations for any multilingual families to be able to participate.

Lion or Lamb Moments

march lion lambTo continue with the lion and lamb theme, it may be helpful for younger or less verbal children to have a prop to help them. A lion and lamb craft could be utilized for kids to be able to share how they feel, what they would like to feel, and more.

Preschool Playbook has a Lion and Lamb Mask post that could be made into a reversible project for students to have during sessions and beyond. To do the craft you will need paper plates, scissors, tongue depressors, glue, construction paper, cotton balls, and yarn in lion mane colors. Follow the tutorial on their website and simply connect the lion and lamb together with tape or possible some hot glue.

Practice using the masks to demonstrate feelings. Read different scenarios to kids and ask them to flip the mask to the lion or lamb side to show what they feel. Think outside of the box and use things which could happen in their classroom, at recess, or home.


We love sharing themed activity ideas like these. If you have any suggestions that have worked for you in your practice, feel free to comment below and explain them!

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