Eager for Easter Egg Ideas

  • March 29, 2018
  • Bilingual Therapies

easter eggsPlastic eggs may not seem like much, but they can be a great resource to have during therapy sessions. These colorful eggs are not only for Easter time, they are fun for later on to keep skills building in unique ways. Be sure to check out the displays at stores now to grab different colors, themes, and character-based eggs to use with your students during the year.

Matching Games

If space or time is an issue, eggs are a different way to do matching games. These can be made for speech, fine motor, gross motor, or other therapy needs.  If students are working on endings on words, make pairs of rhyming words within the eggs. Put them in an area where they may select eggs, open them up, and look for matches. Once a match is made, challenge everyone to use the pairing in a silly sentence.

When working on motor skills put activities to match up inside the eggs. Jumping, hopping, skipping, balancing, and more can be put inside each of the eggs. When you make a match, it’s time to jump, hop, skip, and more. Keep a log of each match made and add it to the activity to complete when another pair is found.

Fine motor egg match may include writing specific letters, snapping, picking up small pieces with tweezers, and more. Include activities for those who are in your group and whatever their goals are at the time.

Social skill matching possibilities could include ways to greet a friend, how to exit a conversation, reciprocating talk, and more. When matches are found give some time for kids to act out some examples for each.

Happy Egg Hunting

Egg hunts are not limited to Easter. They are perfect for building teamwork and social skills. When kids have clues, they are able to problem solve, work together, and have fun.

Place different stickers for each team to go off and find together. Give them some clues on where to look.  Allow everyone to look around the area for their eggs. Once they are found, they need to go back to a designated area to work with their teammates on the next step. Place items inside the eggs which will be used to solve a puzzle for them to earn a prize. Perhaps the items in the eggs make a sentence that is significant to the group. Customize this for your individual group.

Therapists should send home extra egg ideas for families to utilize at home. It could be words, skills, or goals in any area to practice. Be sure to include a set of directives and translations for multilingual families to be able to try with their children.

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