Bilingual Therapies Company History

Bilingual Therapies was founded by a bilingual speech-pathologist in 1997. Working in the public school system, our organization recognized the need to support the men and women who served our country’s growing multicultural population. The Bilingual Therapies’ mission is to create a network of bilingual professionals who share the goal of providing caring, sensitive services to bilingual children and families.

Since being founded, Bilingual Therapies has continuously strengthened our network, adding more people and creating new forums for sharing ideas, research, studies and support. In 2000, Bilingual Therapies made a commitment to continuing education, not only for our employees, but for bilingual therapists all over the world. We started an annual Symposium event designed to expand the knowledge-base of practicing bilingual professionals using the most current research and practical applications.

Over the years, the ideas and enthusiasm of our staff and employees have blossomed. We began offering scholarships, creating partnerships with universities and developing educational opportunities for aspiring bilingual school therapists. Today, Bilingual Therapies is proud to be the ground-breaking source for bilingual professionals to develop skills, commune with peers and grow their careers in a field they love.