Past Symposiums

History of the Bilingual Symposium

Since 2001, Bilingual Therapies has sponsored its annual Bilingual Symposium. This one-of-a-kind event has hosted ground-breaking presentations from researchers and practitioners who specialize in bilingualism and communication disorders. Bilingual Therapies has also sought to use the Symposium to help bilingual clinicians build professional and social networks with their peers from around the country. Of course, both of these objectives have only been enhanced by the famously relaxing locations chosen for this event.

Read more about topics and presenters from past symposium events below. Have questions? We have answers. Feel free to contact the Bilingual Therapies team to learn more information about previous and upcoming events.

Past Cities

Bilingual Symposium Virtual Event, 2022

2022 Symposium

Virtual Event

Our 2022 Bilingual Symposium was unlike any other year! On our 20th Symposium, guests attended virtually, from the comfort of their own home. This allowed for more service providers than ever before to experience our event. For the first time, this year was also open to School Psychologists, as well as students currently enrolled in School Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology graduate programs. Over the span of 3 days, attendees heard from Dr. Elizabeth Peña, Dr. Xigrid Soto-Boykin, Dr. Taína Jiménez López, Dr. Pedro Olvera, Dr. Nidhi Mahendra, and Dr. Genesis D. Arizmendi. The speakers covered various topics including trauma-informed care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, re-imagining bilingualism in speech-language pathology, current bilingual assessment, implementing IDEA regulations in special education reports for English learners, and bolder thinking when designing for educational and health equity. Outside of the sessions, attendees networked, asked questions, and discussed the sessions in the platform's lobby and expo.

Bilingual Symposium San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2019

2019 Symposium

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Held at the La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort, the 19th annual Bilingual Therapies Symposium provided attendees with the opportunity to learn, network and enjoy the beauty of paradise. We kicked off the first night with a cocktail hour to welcome guests as they had the opportunity to meet with our presenters and team. During the following two days, guests heard from speakers Dr. Sara Kangas, Dr. Ellen Kester, Dr. Raul Prezas and Dr. Pedro Olvera. They covered topics such as the process for SLPs working with diverse students, case studies in speech sound assessment of a culturally and linguistically diverse population, and bilingual school psychology. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions with the presenters, which created conversation around specific topics that the participants were interested in. In their free time, guests were able to enjoy the relaxing beauty of San Juan, Puerto Rico from lounging at the beach to visiting the historic district of Old San Juan.

Bilingual Symposium Las Vegas, Nevada, 2018

2018 Symposium

Las Vegas, Nevada

The 2018 Bilingual Therapies Symposium was held in Las Vegas, Nevada for the second time. Hosted at the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino, the Mediterranean-inspired style invoked a desert oasis feel for attendees to enjoy. When they weren’t taking in the sites, guests attended courses that were designed to provide tools for success in their bilingual careers. During the cocktail night, welcoming attendees, the Bilingual Therapies team enjoyed catching up with past attendees as well as meeting guests who were new to the event. The 2018 speaker lineup included Dr. Alba Ortiz, Ms. Phuong Palafox, Dr. Raul Prezas and Dr. Connie Summers. Speakers discussed topics such as the challenges and opportunities for bilingual SLPs, language exposure and oral language development in bilingual children and how monolingual bilingual SLPs can work together to serve English learners. The Symposium was concluded with a roundtable discussion between presenters and attendees for in-depth conversations around relevant topics.

Bilingual Symposium Miami Beach, Florida, 2017

2017 Symposium

Miami Beach, Florida

The 2017 Bilingual Therapies Symposium was held in Miami Beach, FL for the first time. Attendees enjoyed the two-day event held at vintage-chic beachfront hotel, Shelborne South Beach. This venue gave guests the opportunity to relax and recharge poolside or at the beach, surrounded by 1940s art deco architecture and design. During the first night, guests were invited to attend a cocktail hour where they could network with other professionals, the Bilingual Therapies team and guest speakers. The 2017 guest speakers included Dr. Crowley, Ms. Diaz, Dr. Fabiano-Smith, Ms. Privette and Dr. Yu. Over the following two days, attendees heard on topics such as preventing misdiagnosis of phonological disorders in bilingual children, integrating dynamic assessment into real world evaluations, and the assessment of social pragmatic language using conversational analysis. Guests were given the unique opportunity to connect with speakers by attending a roundtable discussion to take a deep dive into specific topics.

Bilingual Symposium Los Cabos, Mexico, 2016

2016 Symposium

Los Cabos, Mexico

We returned to Los Cabos, Mexico for the 2016 Bilingual Therapies Symposium. Guests enjoyed being back in this beautiful beach town in the southernmost tip of Baja California. Held at the oceanfront Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort, this location set the mood for relaxation and rejuvenation. Many attendees found time to relax by the pool and venture to the marina for a cruise along the Sea of Cortez. With the Sea of Cortez in the background, attendees were greeted to the cocktail reception at the palapa. They reconnected with previous attendees and presenters while enjoying the view. Speakers for the 2016 Symposium included Dr. Maria Muñoz, Dr. Ellen Kester, Ms. Liza Sanchez, Dr. Leah Fabiano-Smith, and Dr. Carol Scheffner-Hammar. Topics that were discussed included intervention for bilingual adolescents and adults with acquired brain injury, effective intervention with students from diverse backgrounds, and developing appropriate speech and language goals for bilingual learners. Hosted by Bilingual Therapies team members, Melissa and Nate, guests were invited to attend a roundtable discussion where they could ask presenters a variety of relevant questions.

Bilingual Symposium Saint Maarten, 2015

2015 Symposium

Saint Maarten

Bilingual Therapies celebrated a significant milestone as they hosted the 15th annual Bilingual Therapies Symposium in beautiful St. Maarten. Held at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa, attendees found time to catch some sun, shop, dance and dine on both the Dutch and French sides of the island. Kicking off the event with a cocktail hour to welcome the attendees, guests had the opportunity to socialize with fellow professionals as well as guest speakers. Dr. Nidhi Mahendra, Dr. Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird, and Dr. Giang Pham were among the speakers that presented. They discussed topics such as how to support growth in children’s two languages when the SLP does not speak the home language, bilingualism and neurogenic language disorders, and clinical decision-making for bilingual individuals with cognitive and severe language impairments. After the sessions were completed, participants met for a roundtable discussion. All presenters participated on a panel and answered questions about a variety of topics including language of assessment and intervention.

Bilingual Symposium New Orleans, LA, 2014

2014 Symposium

New Orleans, LA

The 14th annual Bilingual Therapies Symposium was held in New Orleans, LA at the Hilton New Orleans-St. Charles Avenue, a historic landmark building in the heart of downtown. A quick walk away from the French Quarter, symposium attendees enjoyed seeing the sites after their sessions. At the cocktail reception, attendees were welcomed by the Bilingual Therapies team and connected with fellow guests. Speakers Dr. Luís Riquelme, Dr. Betty Yu, Dr. Raúl Rojas, and Dr. Alexandra Heinsen-Comb were among the presenters who spoke on topics such as cultural sensitivity and practice, bilingual development in children on the autism spectrum from minority-language families, and common core state standards. Once all the sessions were over, all presenters participated on a panel and were asked about a variety of topics from attendees.

Bilingual Symposium San Jose, Costa Rica, 2013

2013 Symposium

San Jose, Costa Rica

Bilingual Therapies was thrilled to host their 13th annual Bilingual Symposium in San Jose, Costa Rica. Held at the Costa Rica Marriott, guests enjoyed a gorgeous colonial hacienda set on a coffee plantation. Many symposium attendees took advantage and not only spent the weekend learning and discussing a variety of bilingual topics, but also connecting with the local culture. Guest speakers included Dr. Cate Crowley, Dr. Maria Muñoz, Dr. Johanne Paradis, Dr. Langdon and Dr. Raul Rojas. These accomplished professionals spoke on topics such as SLP tools and strategies for Spanish-speakers with cleft lip and palate, language development in English language learners and how to effectively address ethical concerns in the workplace. After the sessions, participants left for the day to enjoy the pools, dine and rest up for another day of learning. On the final day of the symposium, Bilingual Therapies hosted a roundtable discussion where attendees had the opportunity to ask the speakers additional questions, which was a great way to bring together the information that was presented throughout the Symposium.

Bilingual Symposium Orlando, FL, 2012

2012 Symposium

Orlando, FL

The Bilingual Therapies Symposium headed to sunny Orlando, Florida for the 12th annual event. Held at the Orlando World Center Marriott, this symposium location was at the center of Orlando’s thrilling theme parks. The symposium attendees from across the country spent the weekend learning and discussing a variety of bilingual topics and connecting with other professionals in the field. After enjoying a cocktail hour as a welcome reception, guests prepared for two days’ worth of valuable information. Attendees heard from speakers Nate Cornish, Melissa White, Dr. Maria Muñoz, Dr. Brian Goldstein, Professor Edna Carlo and Dr. Raquel Anderson. Participants listened to course topics such as Bilingualism and cognition across the lifespan, the application of dynamic assessment to bilingual phonological disorders and grammatical development of Spanish/English speakers. As a closing event to the event, attendees and speakers joined together for a roundtable discussion.

Bilingual Symposium San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2011

2011 Symposium

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Bilingual Therapies team was pleased to return to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to host the 11th annual Bilingual Therapies Symposium. The Symposium was held at the Ritz-Carlton San Juan, which lies on a spectacular white sand beach. With around 150 participants, this was one of our largest events to date. Attendees spent the weekend learning about issues in bilingualism and made friends with others in the profession. Guests were welcomed with a cocktail reception where they had the opportunity to meet the presenters and other attendees while enjoying the beautiful beach views. Dr. Brian Goldstein, Dr. Cynthia Cress, Dr. Cate Crowley and Luis Riquelme were among the talented speakers that shared essential information on bilingual speech language pathology. Course topics included providing culturally and linguistically responsive services to individuals with severe disabilities and providing phonological intervention to bilingual children. After two days’ worth of classes, networking and breakout sessions, attendees participated in a roundtable discussion with the symposium speakers and team.

Bilingual Symposium Las Vegas, Nevada, 2010

2010 Symposium

Las Vegas, Nevada

Bilingual Therapies celebrated it’s 10th annual Bilingual Therapies Symposium among the Roman pillars, statues and fountains of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV. Participants enjoyed hearing from dynamic speakers and making new friends with other communication professionals who are interested in bilingualism. Guests were welcomed with the customary cocktail party on Thursday night which gave them the opportunity to network with staff, presenters and participants to get to know one another before the two day event began. Dr. Luis Riquelme, Dr. José G. Centeno, Melissa White, Dr. Henriette Langdon, Sandra Márquez and Nate Cornish were among the talented bilingual professionals who presented during the symposium. After completing all of the sessions, Dr. Riquelme moderated a round-table forum with the presenters, which was the final session of the symposium.