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Father’s Day Fun in Speech Therapy

 Celebrating fathers is another big event that we do each June in the United States. On this day, we take time to appreciate the men who are fathers, help like dads, or are otherwise an important part of our lives. Since families are important, it is always nice to incorporate something to do with Father’s […]

Hungry Caterpillars and Beautiful Butterflies

Nature is a great source of inspiration for children, especially in the spring when you can often witness miracles before your eyes. An example of this that many classrooms participate in is raising caterpillars into butterflies. Children are able to watch as the little fuzzy critters create a cocoon and go through a metamorphosis to […]

Learning Vocabulary While Growing Plants

Flowers and plants are important to all cultures. A great way to explore and learn, while practicing speech and language, is to grow something with your students. Check in with families to see if there are flowers, vegetables, or plants that are special to them that you may be able to grow.

April Showers Crafts for Use in Therapy

April Showers that bring the infamous May flowers are part of the culture of spring legends. Children in classrooms are taught to embrace this typically rainy season because of the beauty that it will reveal in the months to come. Crafts are always a wonderful way to work on speech and language skills. Any of […]

Celebrating More Familiar Spring Holidays with Students

Celebrating More Familiar Spring Holidays with Students During this time of year, children will quickly notice items in stores and other locations about more familiar holidays. During the spring, many families will celebrate Easter or Passover. Of course, even if you do not celebrate, stores are filled with Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, matzah, and other […]

Apple Tasting in the Name of Words

Apple Tasting in the Name of Words Once kids have been back to school for a while, October turns the focus to fall activities. Many classrooms will do projects with apples as the theme that will culminate in a visit to an orchard. Here, students will  often pick their own apples to bring some home. […]

Speech and Language Learning with Collages

Speech and Language Learning with Collages Using arts and crafts with young learners is a great way to tackle some skills. Children typically love to use scissors, glue sticks, and get creative. Collages are a wonderful tool to work on multiple areas of speech and language development with children.