Featured Clinician of the Year – 2014

The Bilingual Therapies family consists of many outstanding speech-language pathologists across the U.S. Take a moment to get to know our current featured clinician!

Melissa DeLang, M.A. CCC-SLP

Melissa DeLang, M.A. CCC-SLP


  • BFA in Acting with a minor in Spanish from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
  • MA in Speech Language and Hearing from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
  • CF in School District of Philadelphia, PA – (challenging but rewarding)


Melissa grew up in San Juan, PR and misses the beach dearly. She loves acting and takes every opportunity she can to do so. Besides being an exceptional speech-language pathologist, Melissa has a variety of talents. She previously performed with ComedySportz in Provo, Utah, she dabbles in theater. She dabbles in theater, film and voice-over work when she can find the time. She also loves jogging and yoga as well as singing and songwriting. Melissa is taking a trip to Mongolia and China this summer to visit friends and see some of the sites she missed during her year and half stint as a service missionary for the LDS church in Mongolia (1999-2000). While Melissa is looking forward to her trip, she feels she needs to brush up on the language…it’s been a while.

Experience with Bilingual Therapies:

I have very much enjoyed working with Bilingual Therapies. The introductory training (Bilingual U. and symposium) was a wonderful way to kick off the first year. It was very organized, informative, and even fun. I mean, c’mon, Puerto Vallarta!? I’m not complaining. It was also a great opportunity to get to know other clinicians in my shoes and develop a bit of a network and bond with them. Then, after a year in Philadelphia, when a change in life plans occurred, B.T. was so supportive and helpful in helping me obtain a position in Utah, a state they had never placed before. Overall, I feel that B.T. is a wonderfully supportive company. All the people running the show in Skokie really seem to be very competent, professional, and friendly. Whenever I call with a question or for help with something, they are quick to respond, thorough in their answers, and cheerful while helping. It’s been a pleasure to be an employee of Bilingual Therapies.