Bilingual Therapist Graduate Scholarships – FAQs

If you are considering applying for a Bilingual Therapies graduate scholarship, you may have questions. While we’re always available to personally assist you, start here with the questions we’re most frequently asked. For information about working with Bilingual Therapies, visit our Employment FAQs section in the site.

For more information about the scholarship offered by Bilingual Therapies, please call 800-825-7133 or e-mail

When should I submit my scholarship application?

Scholarship applications are due by July 15 for the fall semester and November 15 for the winter semester.

What can I use scholarship funds for?

The Bilingual Therapies scholarship is a monthly stipend that may be used for any school related expenses associated with your approved graduate program. This includes tuition, books and other materials, and living expenses.

How many scholarships do you award annually?

This varies, however, we have awarded up to a dozen per year.

Who should apply for a graduate scholarship?

Bilingual graduate students entering the final year of their graduate program, who speak a second language at native or near-native proficiency and are interested in working with bilingual/bicultural children after graduation.

Do I have to attend a specific university to apply for the Bilingual Therapies scholarship?

To be considered for a scholarship, all applicants must attend an approved graduate program.

If I am awarded a scholarship, will I have any assignments or obligations to Bilingual Therapies while I am completing my degree?

No, you will not have assignments or obligations to Bilingual Therapies while you are going to school, but you may have certain requirements from the university you attend related to your scholarship award. After you graduate, you will be required to work one year for Bilingual Therapies.

May I choose the location I would like to work?

Yes. We have placements nationwide, and we work very hard to meet the requests of our clinicians.