Winter Sports Fun

  • January 21, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

The winter time is filled with sports that many children may not be familiar with. This is awinter_speech_therapy_ideas_sports great time to introduce them to the different sports and use them in fun activities to strengthen speech and language skills. In addition to this, talk to children that have families in other countries about sports that they may have heard of. Take time to reach out to families to see if any members of their families have played in the Olympics. Embrace multilingual pride into your celebration of winter sports.

Indoor hockey and more

You may not be able to do all winter sports in certain areas or even in your own classroom. Be creative with each sport and come up with ways to integrate them into speech and language activities. Some winter sports to check out include hockey, curling, skiing, ice skating, speed skating, snowboarding, and more.

It’s always great to get kids up and moving. While you will not have your own ice rink to play hockey, you can make an alternative with a small amount of space in your classroom. Learning4Kids has a great Pompom Hockey activity that can be altered for use with speech and language sessions. To do this you will need pompoms, making tape, paper plates, and large cardboard tubes to use as hockey sticks. The instructions are on the website and easy to follow. The pompom are great for younger children. For older kids, put words or phrases onto plastic poker coins. These will also work well as hockey pucks. For each goal scored into the right goal net, students will have to use them in a sentence or something else to work on a skill.

If space is even smaller or you want to do something to send home for more practice, consider making a table top hockey rink. Handmade Charlotte has a fantastic tutorial on how to make a DIY Tabletop Ice Hockey Rink.  To do this you will need an aluminum pan, white paper that is the size of the container, water, two pipe cleaners, two wooden or plastic spoons (hockey sticks), black button (puck), red marker, blue marker, and scissors. To make it easier for young children, you can make the ice paper with markers and then laminate it so it may be frozen.

To help make things more festive for your winter sports fun, send home blank flag patterns for kids. Ask them to create one side that represents where their family has roots. On the other side, ask them to draw a picture of their favorite winter sport. Be sure to have clear directions with the paper to assist multilingual families that may need it.


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