The Power of Flowers

  • May 3, 2018
  • Bilingual Therapies

flower craftsThey are colorful, smell nice, and usually make people smile. The rain in April helps to encourage flowers to bloom in May in most parts of the country. With the help of flowers all over, it is easier for everyone to finally say goodbye to winter. It is the perfect time of year to use the power of flowers in different therapy sessions to connect students with their goals.

Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Since purchasing real flowers to distribute to people in school may not be in the budget, tissue paper flowers are a perfect substitute. These colorful creations are inexpensive and may be made into a variety of blooms.  To make tissue paper flowers, you will need a variety of different color tissue paper, green pipe cleaners for a stem, scissors, and something to put the flowers in when finished.

Instructables has a tutorial for easy tissue paper flowers.  These clear instructions are perfect for younger children who have never done this before. For older students who would like to try a variety of blooms, Pinterest has a board with 25+ of the best tissue paper flowers to make. Here you will find different flowers including a dahlia, peony, rose, daisy, poppy, and more.

Making of the flowers is a wonderful way to work on team building skills. Groups can decide on a flower type, color theme, and more. Occupational therapists will focus on using fine motor skills to fold the paper and cut with scissors. In addition to this, pull the paper up requires pincer grasp use. Speech and language may have each child model how they make a flower and bring things home to talk families through them. Be sure to include a translation of instructions for multilingual families to be able to participate.

Share a Flower with a Smile

Next, it’s time for kids in different groups to step out of their comfort zone to share the flowers made with others in the school. Therapists can make up a list of recipients and how everyone will help to deliver them without being too disruptive to others during the school day.

Practice what will be said and decide if a note should be included on the flower. The extension of the craft makes it into a social skill development project. Students will have to work on ways to overcome possible fears together, strengthen their communication and speaking skills, and explain what the purpose of the flower power project is about. Brainstorm as a group to help kids to prepare for all of this while making the flower.

Allow each child to take a flower home to give to someone special at home. Give them the opportunity to practice what they will say when they give the beautiful bloom to that individual.

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