Start off Spring with Flowers

  • March 26, 2015
  • Bilingual Therapies

spring-speech-activity-ideasAfter long winter months, everyone is ready to jump into a warmer season. Nothing says “Welcome Spring” more than flowers. Flowers are a wonderful way to add some creative and colorful sessions into the mix.

Matching Flowers with Their Pots

Matching activities are a wonderful way to work on different speech and language goals. You will be able to address any skill set that is needed for your students. Make several construction paper flower pots to use as a sorting bin. Then, create a dozen or more long stemmed flowers to utilize with different words. All of these items may be laminated and you could use Velcro to attach different groupings to have them flexible for different children. In the end, you need to have several flowers to place into each of the pots when the activity culminates.

Children that are younger may be working on start sounds. Place a picture with the start sound on the flowers. Kids will say the words and match them into the proper flower pot. Once they are finished, a challenge could be to select one word from each flower pot to use in a sentence. In addition to start sounds, you could work on blends, end sounds, and rhyme families.

For older children, the sorts can work on descriptive words used for objects. Each flower pot may have a specific object on it and the flowers descriptors that would only fit a specific sort. This expands on using adjectives that describe certain nouns and will strengthen their use of additional vocabulary.

Bright and Colorful Flowers

Kids of all ages enjoy craft time. While it may not seem like it is needed in speech sessions, it allows for naturally flowing conversations during the craft making. As they are making flowers have photos of different varieties scattered around for everyone to look at. Ask questions about the differences. Encourage everyone to share what their favorite is and explain why. As they finish up making their own project like the Tissue-Paper Flowers in Yogurt-Cup Vases (directions and supply list located there), they may talk about their own creation and why they made it that way.

When the projects are finished, send them home along with some seeds for families to plant for the spring. Request that they spend some time explaining how they made their own flowers. Children need to practice and share what they learned in speech with their families. This extra time help multilingual learners to gain more confidence and fluency when speaking.


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