Prepping Students for the End of the School Year

  • May 22, 2019
  • Tera Rowland

Another school year is coming to an end. As you reach the last few days of class, it’s easy to become distracted by both the excitement of summer right around the corner and the exhaustion that is setting in from a busy school year. We have come up with some great classroom activities to engage you and your students before summer arrives!

Create A Recommended Summer Reading List With Your Students.

Give your students a chance to share their favorite reads with one another. One way to do this is to have each student come prepared with a book recommendation to share with the class and why. Creating conversation amongst students is a great way to encourage community among peers. At the end of book sharing, pass out a list of all the book recommendations that were presented and include other language versions when available. You can also add resources for ways to access free books like local libraries, apps and YouTube channels for kids like “Books Read Aloud For Children.”  You can also accompany this with a reading activity or reading log that will keep students engaged when reading the books throughout the summer.

End of the Year Superlatives.

Have some fun with student superlatives! Create some fun and unique awards that acknowledge each and every student. This activity is a personal way to connect with each of your students to let them know how much you appreciate them and how much they have progressed in therapy or in the classroom. Some examples of superlatives are “Super S Maker”, “Most Creative Story Teller”, “Best Context Clue Detective” and “Perfect Picture Picker.”

Celebrate Summer

Your students are sure to have summer on the mind throughout the last few days of the school year. So why not help them get ready for some summer activities? Host summer themed games, like Summer Vocabulary Bingo! Consider having students personalize the Summer Vocabulary Bingo Game and make them copies to play at home with family. Another classic way to keep students engaged is craft time! Provide materials for students to create their own bookmarks that they can use throughout the summer. This not only encourage them to keep up with their reading throughout the break but will remind them of all the fun that they had this school year.

Learn Something New Together

There are several ways to learn something new in the classroom. One way to do this through peer-to-peer teaching sessions. Each student teaches the rest of the class how to do a new skill or activity, such as summer safety tips. This promotes active learning, reinforces their own learning and helps them to feel more comfortable when interacting with peers. Another route to take is to learn an activity for the first time together with your class. Perhaps this could be learning a Line Dance or how to make origami. Whatever activity you choose, use this as an opportunity to bond with your students by showing them the value of being open to learning new things.

There are so many ways to celebrate the end of the school year together. Try to stay away from activities that require a high-level of preparation so that you don’t add to your list of to-do’s. When planning end-of-the-year activities, stick with creative ideas that will benefit your students and keep you energized while you are getting all of the end of the year activities done. Remember to have fun and enjoy your summer!



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