Preparing for a Picnic

  • June 8, 2017
  • Bilingual Therapies

picnicPicnics are practically synonymous with summer. Many kids may not have been on a picnic, thanks to the rushed world that we live in. Summer sessions are a perfect time to think outside of the box and plan a picnic for your students. Remember even if you do not have a space outside to do this, make an indoor area into the perfect picnic destination with a little imagination.

To make this process more fun, get the kids involved in the planning. Talk with everyone about what they think of when they hear the word picnic. Next, go through the following questions to help with the planning process. Along with these questions are some ideas on how to work in different therapy session goals.


  • Where should the picnic be held? Take a walk around the building to see what may work. Talk about pros and cons of certain spots. This will help with any speech and language goals. For those working on gross motor skills, hop on one foot, walk side steps, or anything else different from plain walking.


  • What says perfect picnic to you? Have someone make a list of the perfect picnic foods, things that will be needed which are not food related, and anything else. This will assist with writing/fine motor practice, organization, and teamwork. Younger children could draw a picture of their dream picnic and discuss it with the group.


  • Who should be invited to the picnic? Get the kids involved in helping to make some invitations. Talk through information that is needed and how to arrange it on the card. Remember to help students translate it for multilingual families.


Once you have all of the details for your picnic decided, have a date for all invited to RSVP. The next step is packing for your picnic. It’s always fun to have it in a basket. If you do not have one, ask friends to see if they have one. If there are no picnic tables, have a giant blanket or two for people to sit on. Since time will be limited, have some fun goodies for everyone to share. Fruit kabobs, watermelon, and assorted veggies are good choices. Check with families to see if there are any food allergies. Also, encourage families to bring special foods from their background to share with everyone. It’s another wonderful way to celebrate diversity and things which make every person unique.


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