Observing the Changing Seasons with Bingo

  • October 13, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

bingo speech gamesAs the weather cools off, it’s a great time to get outside and take in the changing seasons. Use what is around you to structure some different types of speech and language sessions. Being out and about will actively engage students and keep them working toward their goals. Not only can you look for differences in lawns, leaves, and trees, but you can feel and smell changes in the autumn air. Incorporate vocabulary for the season in your activity and continue to work on confidence with conversational skills.

Brainstorm with kids about differences between summer and fall. Make a list of words that are associated with the seasons and what might be seen while taking a walk. This list will eventually go home with all students so they are able to recreate it at home with their families. Be sure to have translations of words available for multilingual households. Hand out blank bingo sheets for each child to make their own. Allow them to use the words on your group list to fill in all of the squares. Kids may also want to decorate the squares for each of the words. If there is time, they could make several bingo cards so they can have them to take home and play with their family.

Collect the bingo cards and laminate them or place them into a clear sheet protector. This will allow kids to use dry erase markers to mark squares when you head outside to play “autumn walk bingo.” When it’s time to head outside, give each child their bingo card and marker. Begin the walk and engage in come casual conversation. What changes do they see in the landscape around the building? See how specific everyone can be when they describe the changes. Talk about the trees, flowers, animals, trees, and other things that are in the area with seasonal differences. Promote social skills and taking turns when having your discussions.

Sit down and allow kids to look for the items on their bingo cards. Remind them that when they call bingo, they will need to point out what they marked off and where it was found. All of this can help kids to be more confident when talking. When finished, allow the kids to select another bingo card and move to another area to complete this game. These cards may be sent home when finished. Remind students to practice and take their families outside to play autumn bingo together.


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