Mittens are a Must in the Winter

  • January 15, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

mittens winter speech therapy ideasThree silly students have lost their mittens, now what are they to do? The possibilities are endless with this simple prompt. Talk about keeping warm, winter weather, or explore winter tales with familiar characters. Perhaps you will need to work as a team to find those lost mittens and incorporate additional ways to strengthen speech and language goals this winter.

Where are the mittens?

Take out a pair of mittens to use as a fun activity. Begin by reading a version of the folktale Three Little Kittens. Another great story option is The Mitten by Jan Brett. This story is based on a Ukrainian folktale. Nicki is the main character that loses a white mitten in the snow. She does not realize it is gone. Instead of her point of view, you read about other animals in the forest finding the mitten.

After reading a book or several, reenact the stories in your own words. Come up with props together that will help to bring the tale to life. Younger children will also enjoy activities found on author Brett’s website including the Put the Animals in The Mitten activity. To do this together you will need the printed items, scissors, glue sticks, and crayons or markers. The bottoms of the mittens stay open for each surprise animal to go inside.

Making magical mittens

Imagine a magical pair of mittens and what special power they may have. This is a fun and creative activity that will get all children talking and having fun. Make a mitten pattern that everyone can use to trace for their own pair of magical mittens. Give each child some heavy construction paper to trace their own pair of mittens and cut them out. In the middle of the group, have a variety of art supplies for everyone to design their magic mittens. Include some stickers, glitter glue, sequins, beads, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and anything else that you may have that would work. When the mittens are done, use a hole punch to string the two mittens together with a small piece of yarn. These mittens could be part of a Guess Who or I Spy style game. Place them on a bulletin board so nobody knows who they belong to. Talk about similarities and differences between pairs of mittens.

Laminate sets of mitten words to send home in a small pouch for practice. Decorate sets to play at home versions of the magical mitten games that you made as a group. Be sure to send home clear instructions for multilingual families to be able to use this together.


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