Love and Valentine’s Day in Speech Therapy

  • February 11, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

valentines_day_speech_activityKids of all ages are usually really into celebrating Valentine’s Day. Thanks to this, it is a great holiday to incorporate into speech and language sessions. Check in with teachers to see what they will be doing with students. Sometimes they may not have time for hands on activities within the classroom. This opens up the perfect opportunity to work on speech goals while crafting something extra special for the Valentine’s Day.

The Meaning of Love and Valentine Bag-to-Go

A great conversation starter is to chat with kids about love. What does it mean to them? Are there different types of love, and what could they be? Take time to discuss loving a family member or special person in their life, compared to a physical item, place, or nonperson. Sometimes it is hard for children with speech and language concerns to find the words to express these feelings. Brainstorm words that match up with feelings associated with love and Valentine’s Day.

Make each child a small Valentine’s Day to-go bag. Include directions for multilingual learning to assist them with the home assignment. Each child will be given special paper and supplies to make a Valentine for each of their classmates and teachers. Share an example of what you would like them to make. The focus should be on an item that they love about the other person. It would be their sense of humor, their smile, or something they have helped the child with in school.  In addition to this, include some extras in the container sent home. A daily card for each child to assist them in conversation starters, vocabulary, articulation, or any other speech goal for a specific child.

Mobile of Love

Create a mobile for kids to take home that shows items that they love. The focus could be on different topics to get them talking. As they name what they select, allow each child to tell something about the person, place, or thing that they love and expand on why they feel this way. Possible topics to include are:

  • Family member
  • Friend
  • Teacher
  • Food
  • Television show
  • Cartoon
  • Book
  • Flower
  • Sport or team
  • Video game

Use heavy paper, like construction paper or card stock, to make heart cutouts for kids to draw a picture and write the name of the item on each. If there is access to a laminator, take this extra step to make them a bit sturdier. Punch holes in the heart shapes to attach them with yarn onto a hanger that may also be decorated by students. To make it more festive, they may wrap the entire hanger with yarn.


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