Lots of Lucky Leprechauns

  • March 11, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

st_patricks_day_irish_speech_languageThe luck of the Irish is strong in the month of March. While not everyone is technically Irish, most people love to wear green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends. This holiday has become a favorite in the United States and is fun to use with speech and language goals in mind. There are lots of great books to read with students about the lure of leprechauns, pots of gold, and why they should follow rainbows.

Time to Make and Set Some Lucky Traps

Prior to making these in a session, send home a note to families. Explain to them that their child will need a small shoe box for a St. Patrick’s Day project. Give a little information on leprechaun traps and make sure it is in a way that multilingual families will understand. When finished, these will be going home for them to share.

If time is short during sessions, be sure to wrap the shoe boxes that come in ahead of time in green construction paper or something similar. Green tempera paint would also work, but it can be more messy and require drying time. When wrapping the boxes, take a moment to cut a hole in the top of the box This is an important item that will be used to trap leprechauns that are lurking.

Decorating the leprechaun traps is a fun activity for kids during a session. Have a wide variety of goodies for them to use. Get stickers, glitter, cut outs, or anything else that is in a four leaf clover, pot of gold, rainbow, or related to St. Patrick’s Day. Allow all of the kids to decorate the traps in a way that will entice and help to trap leprechaun that are lurking. When all traps are complete, go around and give everyone time to explain how their trap will work. This small group presentation will work on speech and language self confidence building. After everyone is done, allow each child to do a follow up question that they may have about another leprechaun trap.

Setting up Surprises

Leprechaun traps must be set by all of the children in a location where they can remain over night. Come up with something that can be left inside the boxes for the kids. Gold coins, St. Patrick’s Day pencils, chocolate or other foods that are not an issue with allergies are all great. Include items that may be taken home for speech and language practice. Think about spring goals, words, vocabulary, or other important items for each individual.


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