Jumping for Joy in Speech

  • July 14, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

jumping for joy speechMoving around when working with kids during the summer is important for speech and language sessions. Kids needs to be focused, and that can be difficult to accomplish when the school year is done. Use outside space as much as possible. Kids are flexible, so think about different spaces and places nearby that may work for getting kids to jump around while working on their personal speech and language goals. These suggested activities can get your kids excited for speech sessions, stay active, but also keep focused on their session’s purpose!

Hop like a bunny

Make an easy game where kids are able to hop like bunnies. This game will require some things to be made ahead of time. Make at least a dozen carrots out of paper and laminate them. The carrots may have pictures on them, letters, or sound combinations that are being worked on. Scatter the laminated carrots around an area outside. This is going to act as your bunny carrot patch. Kids start on a carrot and roll a large die. When the die lands, this tells them how many words they need to say for the key item, letter sound, or combination on the carrot space. If they are on a |cr| and they roll a four, they could say crib, cricket, cry, and crew.

Jump and sing

Using jump ropes is another option to incorporate movement and song to help with speech and language in the summer. When kids sing songs, it works on improving their fluency, confidence, and articulation when using words. Singing silly songs while using a jump rope is a great distraction to tedious speech practice. The jump rope is a nice extra, so don’t sweat it if some kids have trouble with the coordination. The focus is on having fun and working on the songs. Individual jump ropes or larger ones where a pair of people will twirl, are easy to come by at local toy stores. There are a lot of “old school” jump rope songs available. Search for newer ones on YouTube and Pinterest. Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes by Joanna Cole is a book with a nice selection. If younger children are frustrated with a regular jump rope, they may have more fun playing with a Chinese jump rope and singing as they jump in, out, from side to side, and beyond. Older kids may enjoy coming up with rhyming songs of their own. Brainstorm using words and vocabulary that sessions need to focus on.

Send home connecting activities for families to try together. Be sure to explain what the focus of the activity is and different ways to try them at home. All practice after sessions will help students with skills and boost the confidence of multilingual learners with time.



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