Great Guessing Games

  • February 25, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

guessing_game_therapy_fun_activitiesWho, What, When, Where, How, and Why? Using questions is a great way to engage children during speech and language sessions. Kids are full of wonder and respond well when you actively engage them in a game with a purpose. Allow them to be super sleuths and ask questions along with descriptive words to problem solve and work on expressive language skills.

This or That Game

For a less formal activity that works well with younger children, bring in a mystery box of items. Integrating sensory will help kids to get more creative in what questions they ask. Have a large shoe box with a hole to feel inside. Give each child some time to feel the item within it and come up with questions that they may have have about it. These questions should be to help them narrow down what the mystery item within the box could be. The possibilities to include in the box could follow along with topics within the classroom, a theme that you are talking about in speech, or focus on articulation practice. Remember to include items that may be identified by their shape, texture, or something else to make it a multi-sensory experience.

Guess What or Who Game

If you have a version of the Hasbro board game Guess Who, this activity will be easy to adapt. If not, you do not have to go out and buy the game. You can attach your guess what or who sheets to a clipboard and give each child or team a dry erase marker to use on the laminated sheets. Allow them to circle one that they want the other person/team to guess. When it is their turn to eliminate people, places, or things they may cross them out. To play the game, each side asks a question that may be answered with only a yes or no. Once you cross off figures that do not work, play continues to go back and forth until one side is able to guess what was selected by the other. Receptive language is a big part of this activity. Everyone must make predictions from the clues given from yes and no answers. Descriptions and specific details will help everyone to eliminate.

Make some fun sheets ahead of time that will actively engage students. Use cartoon characters, favorite books, LEGO mini-figures, Star Wars characters, or anything else that will excite the kids and get them to play along and work on these skills.

Make a Guess Who bag that is able to go home with students for a weekend. Include directions for families so they will be able to understand the goals. Include important strategies for multilingual students that may need additional information to make it go smoothly.


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