Get Moving in the Name of Speech

  • January 15, 2015
  • Tera Rowland

speech-therapy-board-gamesIt can be hard to keep focus during the winter months because the weather may be cold and gloomy. Kids crave movement, and it may not be possible to take them outside during this season. If you have space for your students to move during sessions, you can utilize gross motor activities with speech and language goals to keep them on their toes.

Indoor Bowling Variations

Bowling is a lot of fun and the pins that you can make are easy to bring to different locations to utilize. All you need are 10 plastic water bottles, and you can follow the tutorial here. Bring a small rubber ball along with the pins and you are ready to go. Have each child toss the balls at the pin. Based on that number, have them do a skill that number of times. Practice saying a word from a baggie that they pick, use the word in a certain number of sentences. All of this will assist in articulation, fluency, and more. Another twist would be to place letters, sound combinations, or specific words onto bowling pins. When they are knocked over, have the child do a specific skill that they are working on with those pins.

Taking Turns with Twister

The giant dots on the Twister game mat are a fun space that can provide a lot of game options for sessions. You can focus on articulation, sounds, vocabulary, and more while kids work on following directions. Each child may have a color that they are in charge of to begin. Have them take cards and place them onto their color dots. Depending on your focus, you may or may not use the spinner. Have each child start at the end of the mat and follow the directions. Hop three circles forward, then step back once. Have them pick up that card and give each an instruction based on their speech goals. The sky really is the limit with this game, and it can be done in a variety of ways. If you do not have a Twister game available, making your own hopscotch game could serve the same purpose.

Giant Game Board

Busy Bee Speech has a fun giant game board with free pages to print and use. Kids will enjoy being able to move around a classroom that is set up as a game board on the floor. It will keep them actively involved while working on their individual speech needs. All of the instructions for the game are on the website and it gets kids moving and allows you to make them part of a game. She includes areas where you can obtain board pieces for articulation, fluency, and blank ones to make it perfect for the students you work with.

To connect with home, take photos of the kids during sessions and share them with families. Send them an email with goals that they are working on and share the fun that they had when working on their speech and languages skills. Give them additional ideas that they can try at home for extra practice and always include translations for those multilingual families.


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