Fun While Learning with Snowman Crafts

  • December 18, 2014
  • Tera Rowland

winter-themed-speech-activityAs the holidays wind down, the winter season is still in full swing. Snowmen provide a great transition from the holidays to weather related learning and fun. Children adore seeing snow friends that are in stories, movies, and seasonal decorations. Craft activities provide a nice way to add in something hands on for a speech therapy lesson. When you have a strong project to start with, it is easy to add in skill building elements that work on speech and language goals.

Group Snowman Project

Small groups may make a group book together that they will each take home with them when finished. Give with child a small blank booklet, crayons, and other decorating items that you may want them to use for the snowmen. Open the books up to the first page and have each person make their dream snow person. Next, take turns going around the group telling everyone the steps to recreate their special snowman within the other books. This gives each reporter practice planning out their steps, importance of sequencing, and how to give directions with details to others. Older children will want to be more specific in their instructions. They may tell what color hat the snowman is wearing. Perhaps their left mitten is a different color than the right mitten. The possibilities are endless if you have stickers, yarn, sequins, buttons, and other embellishments.

When you are finished, each child will have a completed book to take home. Older children could then write a story about each character in the book to translate and share with their multilingual families.

Giant Snowmen for Word Practice

Cut out some white construction paper circles to become snowballs. These will serve as snowmen bodies. Give each child a long piece of blue construction paper for the background. Each child will take 10 snowball circles to spell out winter fun (or another phrase). These are glued onto the blue paper to make a stack of snowballs. The extra snowball will be the head. Beneath the head the children will paste words/pictures that go along with whatever they are working on. Focus on a specific sound for articulation practice, or make them target vocabulary words. Ten additional circles will be attached with a little clue to make flaps to hide the words or pictures beneath them. When dry, write Winter Fun on the snowballs, decorate the snowman’s face, and the area around him/her. When these go home, the flaps reveal the words that can be practiced. You may also want to send a translation sheet to be handy for multilingual families.

Think outside of the box with snowman crafts and adapt them for fun creations while working on speech and language goals. Any of the items may be adjusted to work on same/different, vocabulary, articulation, grammar, basic concepts, descriptions, and asking/answering questions. Rearrange the activity to build on the areas of need for your individual students.


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