Fun for Father’s Day

  • June 1, 2017
  • Bilingual Therapies

fathers day activitiesFather’s Day is coming, and it is the perfect time to talk with students about the special men in their lives. Celebrating fathers, as well as other male role models, is important on this day in June in the United States. Think about ways to incorporate something to make with kids that could be sent home as a gift for fathers or another special man in their life.

Acrostic poems are the perfect way to make something that is extra personal. The short poems will work on vocabulary building, fine motor skills, and more. Each student will have a large piece of construction paper to write father vertically down the paper. Talk as a group about words that start with each letter and could be about a father. Complete a model acrostic poem as a group:


ull of love

lways knows what to say

akes care of family

H  elps with homework

E  ats lots of vegetables

R  aces around the park


Allow everyone to work on their own. When the father poems are finished, get creative and make the rest of the paper colorful. These poems can double as posters, and this is also the perfect time for kids to work on coloring and fine motor skills.

Younger children will have fun making an ice cream cone project. Begin by making a list of words that they think of when they think of their father or other special man. Have patterns made ahead of time that are a scoop of ice cream and ice cream cone. Each child will be able to trace these onto their favorite ice cream color with construction paper and then cut it out. They will also use tan paper to do the same for the cone. For kids who are working on cutting goals, remind them how to hold scissors. Kids working on speech and language goals could repeat steps from the project as they do them. Smaller bits of colored paper will become sprinkles that will have words to represent the man and glued onto the ice cream area.

Both of these activities can be changed to fit the speech, OT, PT, or therapy goals of a child. Be sure to think about the individuals who you work with. If they do not have a father in their life, brainstorm on other important men who they could make something special for on this holiday. Remind them that grandfathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, and others would also appreciate receiving something special from them.


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