Focusing on Features of Fall

  • November 5, 2015
  • Bilingual Therapies

fall speech therapy activitiesChildren like to make their own books to share. While it may not seem like it works on speech and language goals, it ties in nicely. Books focusing on fall favorites allow kids to think about things in their lives, talk about vocabulary, articulate what is important to them and more. Prior to starting this project, reach out to families to inquire about autumn traditions that they may have. Perhaps some multilingual families will share things from their cultures that will embrace difference and learning about other heritages and traditions.

Festive Fall Favorites

Ahead of class time, make some small blank books for students to use during the session. These may be made of computer paper or construction paper. Use whatever you have since it is a flexible project. Before starting the activity, share your own fall favorites book. Include pages with different ideas like:

  • Fall sport
  • Fall holiday
  • Fall traditions
  • Fall food
  • Fall clothing
  • Fall activity

Take a few moments as a group to make a list of possible categories that everyone likes. Now it will be their turn to make a personal fall favorites book. Each page will feature one of the categories that you have listed. They will then write something and color a picture about it. If parents sent in photos that are okay to be used, they may be included.

Sensing the Fall

Younger kids love to learn using their senses. Make small flip books about autumn senses for them to get actively engages. Begin by brainstorming about different items that are associated with the season for each of these topics:

  • Things I see
  • Things I hear
  • Things I touch
  • Things I smell
  • Things I taste

These topics will be on the bottom of each page in the flip book. Kids will draw pictures to share what they like to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste in the fall.

When the books are finished, take time to share them as a group. Give each child time to do a book walk explaining things within it. Work on elaborating why they selected items. Remind older children to provide supporting details to back up their thought. Give some time for other children to ask them questions about items that were sent in from home. All of these activities will work on self confidence and communicating thoughts and opinions.


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