Feelings and Love for Valentine’s Day

  • February 6, 2014
  • Tera Rowland

valentines-day-themed-speech-activitiesYou can usually feel the love in the air when the month of February arrives. Classrooms, stores, and other locations are filled with hearts, pink, red, and other items to show this holiday of love. Children adore celebrating the Valentine’s Day because it allows them to be creative and express their feelings. Of course, for some children this can be more difficult. Kids that have speech and language concerns may not know how to properly tell someone that they care. Below are some ways to incorporate the season of love into expressive learning.

Kings and Queens of Hearts

Kids of all ages adore wearing crowns, so why not make one that is special for Valentine’s Day? Thanks to Alpha Mom, kids can make a simple heart crown and they can be easily customized during sessions. All you will need to purchase for this are white paper plates. Then you will need scissors to follow the directions to make the heart. After the hat is made, allow everyone to color them and make them festive. Have a chat about what descriptive words make them think about people that the love. Brain storm and write them down. Next, have everyone add some of these words onto their hat. Perhaps have some cut out hearts that can be easily glued onto them. These can go home and will be great conversation starters.

Heart Container to Go

Another way to use some paper plates is to make a mailbox like container for each child to take home with items they are working on for the month. The cards that go inside can focus on conversation starters, articulation, vocabulary, or any other goal that is specific to the individual child. To make everyone excited about taking them home for practice, make an “I love speech” heart container. Another fun use of paper plates is to make a Valentine Card Holder from Family Education. Each child will need two paper plates, yarn, hole punch, glue, and items to decorate the paper plates (glitter, markers, stickers, or other items). Follow the directions and gift each of the children with heart cards to place inside.

Send home the heart containers with each child. Be sure to include a note for families and include translations on the back of hearts to assist multilingual learners. Since they helped to create the activity, they will likely be excited to practice at home and share with family and friends.


Valentine’s Day is dedicated to all the things that we love. If your current job is not among those things, visit www.bilingualtherapies.com and set your heart on a new position!

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