Embracing April Showers

  • April 6, 2017
  • Bilingual Therapies

rainy day activities speechWhile some may want the rain to go away, we all know that April showers will eventually bring us May flowers. Kids of all ages will enjoy spending time talking about the rain and fun facts that go along with it. Use crafts to bridge the gap between those rainy days and speech and language goals. Activities are easy to change and make them work for any child and their individual needs within a session. Remember to think outside of the box and incorporate things that all of the students will enjoy to keep them actively engaged.

When kids think of rainy days, many will automatically want to grab an umbrella to head outside and play. There is something special about skipping in rain puddles with rubber boots and an umbrella keeping you somewhat dry.  Now, imagine designing a classroom full of special umbrellas for your students. Brainstorm with kids about their perfect umbrella. What would it look like? Would it be the usual size and shape? What colors would they select and why? All of these are great tactics to encourage kids in speech sessions to use their words and details to support them. The more they talk, the more confident they will be in other situations.

Give each child their own umbrella shape made out of a card stock. Allow them to plan out their design and then continue to use conversational skills throughout the process. After the planning is complete, allow each child to finish their umbrella with colorful splashes. Have a variety of art supplies ready for them to use. When finished, share umbrella designs with the group and give each child time to share what their perfect rainy day adventure would be with their new umbrella.

A great craft to make that may later go home for speech practice is a mobile. Gather hangers, white and blue construction paper, markers, a hole punch, stapler, yarn, and glue to make this project. The premise of this is a giant cloud that is raining words to practice for each child. Give kids a big piece of white paper to trace and cut out a giant cloud shape. This cloud will be stapled onto the hanger to make it disappear. On the cloud write ____’s April Word Shower. Next, each child will trace and cut out 6-10 rain drops with construction paper. Older children will put words on these, while younger children will benefit from a picture to glue onto the raindrop. The flip side of the raindrop should have translations of the words for multilingual families to help with practice at home. Once the raindrops are complete, put holes at the top and several additional holes on the bottom of the cloud. Use yarn to connect the raindrop to the cloud forming the word mobile.

Have kids talk through the steps as they work on both projects. This can build their confidence, speed, word use, and articulation.



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