Chalk it Up for Speech Time

  • July 10, 2014
  • Tera Rowland

summer-speech-activities-freeWhile the weather is cooperating, take speech sessions outside for a new and fun twist. Children love moving their bodies, so introduce some gross motor activities using chalk. Chalk is inexpensive, and the sky is the limit on the type of learning games that you can make up for the needs of your students.

Letter Sound Hop

The alphabet and additional sounds that children are working on provide a great opportunity with chalk. Draw a group of circles with your chalk. Inside each circle, write a letter or sound that the student is working on. Perhaps it is |f| or maybe they are trying to master |ch|, simply put those in along with some additional items. Say a word that has the sound in it. The kids will hop to the nearest circle with that sound. Once there, they need to repeat that word and include one more with a similar sound. Keep on jumping and practicing words. To mix it up, have older students give an additional word that rhymes with the one you said.

The Alphabet Train Game

To work on vocabulary, make a train of alphabet squares along a path. This activity will challenge kids to recall vocabulary that you have worked on. It could be theme specific, or open to anything you have covered in previous session. Start on the A square. Say “A is for  _____” and then move to the next square “B is for _____” and continue. When you get stuck, the next person begins and goes until they are stuck. To make it more of a challenge for older children, have them hop from A to whatever letter they are up to repeating the vocabulary that they have already said. This works on recall and adds a fun twist. If you prefer to mix up the letters a bit, make a bin with 26 cards in it. Have kids randomly select one. Next they will hop to the corresponding letter of the alphabet and say a word for that letter. This keeps it a little fresher and different for each individual.

Scavenger Hunt Message

Imagine the faces of kids when they head outside and find a scavenger hunt written for them in chalk. The message could focus on items that are a certain color, have a specific end sound, or whatever you want. Write several tasks for them to do. Include a place at the bottom for the kids to bring back the items that match. Items could also be planted into a plastic pool where they need to search for them rather than in a yard.

To tie in with home, give each child a bag with some chalk inside of it. Include instructions and game ideas for families to try at home. Be sure to include directions for multilingual learners to be able to participate and continue the fun.


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