Celebrating Moms and More

  • April 26, 2018
  • Bilingual Therapies

mothers day activitiesIt is important to take time to celebrate special women, like mothers, who play a role in the lives of children. As always, be cognizant of family situations. Not all students may be living with their moms. Focus on using this holiday to cheer on an important woman in the lives of each child. If there is time, send a request come ahead to ask for a photo of the person the child selects to use on a future project.

Books Celebrating Moms

Starting with a story is a great way to get kids to think about something. Before beginning ask kids to brainstorm about a woman in their life who is special to them. What does she do for them? Why do they think she is important in their life?  Explain that Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to focus on the women who mean a lot to them. Some books which will help to get kids thinking are:

  • A Chair for my Mother by Vera B Williams
  • The Night Before Mother’s Day by Natasha Wing
  • What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Martha Seif Simpson
  • The Mommy Book by Todd Park
  • I Believe in You by Marianne Richmond
  • Mars Needs Moms by Berkeley Breathed
  • A Mom for Umande by Maria Faulconer
  • Mama, Do You Love me? By Barbara M. Joosse

While reading a few books, keep a list of special things the moms and women do for children. Therapists can also include a sheet with ideas of how you can do something in return for these important women. These will be used forfollow-up up activity.

Coupon Book Gift

Ask kids if they know what coupons are. Explain that a fun twist is to make a coupon book of gifts to a special person. These may include something you will do to help the person, or possible a special task to make them feel even more loved.  Use the lists made earlier to chat up more things that they could include in their own coupon book.

Skip to my Lou and Better Homes & Gardens both have printable Mother’s Day coupon book ideas which are perfect for different age groups. Print these out ahead of time. Give kids time to color them, write up coupons, and put the books together. Have coloring items, scissors, hole punch, and ribbon to put them together. Once done, give each child time to share their books.

When sending these books home, be sure to include the significance of the project. Describe how kids had to select an important woman in their life. It is also crucial to have translations for any multilingual families. Remind students to share when coupons are redeemed over time.


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