Celebrating Important Women for Mother’s Day

  • April 27, 2017
  • Bilingual Therapies

Mothers DayMother’s Day is on May 14. This means that it is the perfect time to celebrate important women in the lives of children. In May, we celebrate mothers and other women who are special to us. Children will enjoy talking about the special people from life outside of school and making something to give to these women.

Ask each young child to describe their mother or another special woman in words. Each person is unique and will have a variety of different ways to express their individual. Take these words and make a special thank you cupcake with construction paper for Mother’s Day. Use different colors of paper to make unique flavored cupcakes and icing with shapes to trace. The key to this project are the colorful sprinkles that will have the words used to describe the special woman. Glue those onto the cupcakes and then go around using the different sprinkle words in a sentence.

Another variation of this would be to make a Mother’s Day flower. For this, you will need large pieces of construction paper for each child to use for their project. Have large flower stems made ahead of time and have everyone write “I love my _____” in this space. The leaf on the side of the stem should have Mother’s Day 2017 written on it. The center of the flower could have a photo of each child if there is time. Then trace each child’s hand 4-6 times to make flower petals. Write a descriptive word on each about the special woman. Remember to include translations of words for multilingual individuals who may benefit.

Older kids can make a fun flip book for their special mother figure instead of a card. Make some flip books ahead of time. Layers of Learning shares a flip book guide on how to make them here. Give each child a flip book and have them write “To ____, I love you because…” and decorate the rest of the area. Along each flap, have students continue the sentence with why they love their mother or another special woman. When this is completed they open up the inside and illustrate the pages. Once everyone is finished, allow time to share the books about the special women in the lives of your group. Encourage kids to go slow and work on their articulation, confidence, speed, and clarity.

Feel free to change any of these activities to make them work for your students and their speech and language goals. Think about the children who you work with. If they do not have a mother in their life, brainstorm on other important women who they could make something special for on this holiday. Remind them that grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, and others would love to receive them.



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