Bilingual SLP Hiring Guide

  • June 24, 2020
  • Tera Rowland

As a school district, the primary goal is to see that your students succeed. Ensuring your students have the appropriate and necessary services is certainly a key component and our Bilingual Therapies team is here to help you by providing top notch professionals to achieve those goals. For students with speech and language disorders, one necessary professional is a speech-language pathologist (SLP). In areas with a growing multicultural community, having a bilingual SLP allows the district to complete evaluations in a student’s native language, as required by federal law and can reduce overidentification.  Once these students have been identified for services, the bilingual SLP can support  bilingual and English language learners  with the intervention they need to meet their speech and language goals. At Bilingual Therapies, we are here to help you serve your students with the crucial resources they need with qualified bilingual SLPs.

What is a Bilingual SLP?

Bilingual Therapies used the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association “Bilingual Service Providers” definition as the keystone for developing their training procedures.  Bilingual SLPs can better help to determine whether language difficulties are related to typical second language differences or due to a communication disorder. Bilingual SLPs also use intervention strategies in the mode of communication that’s most appropriate for the need of the individual. However not all bilingual SLPs have the training needed to be able to do appropriate assessments and evaluations

At Bilingual Therapies, we offer our Bilingual SLPs with multiple training opportunities so that they can provide the services that your district needs. Bilingual therapies is committed to ensuring that are our bilingual SLPs strive to best serve their culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Benefits of Hiring School-Based Bilingual SLPs

So how can your school district benefit from hiring a bilingual SLP? Bilingual SLPs serve as a crucial resource, not only for students, but also for other school-based professionals and the student’s family. Bilingual SLPs collaborate with student’s teachers and IEP team To create a plan to support communication needs.  They also seamlessly provide assistance to parents in their home language helping to promote academic success, as well as social development with peers and the community.

How to Get Started with Bilingual Therapies

When you make the decision to add a bilingual SLP to your professional team, Bilingual Therapies is here to help you find the ideal professional that will meet your needs. At Bilingual Therapies, we recruit and support expert bilingual professionals ready to make a difference. Thanks to our continuing education and training opportunities, our bilingual SLPs are always on the front-end of clinical research and best practices, far exceeding professional standards.

When you choose to work with Bilingual Therapies, we work with you to find the perfect professional match. You have a passion for providing impactful resources to your students, let our team help do the same for you by providing you with top notch school based professionals. 

At Bilingual Therapies, we understand that you strive to provide your students with the best resources possible and want to help you achieve that goal and see your students excel. To learn more about how a bilingual SLP can make a difference in your school, contact Bilingual Therapies at 800-825-7133 or email us at

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