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  • August 4, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

back to school resourcesThe start of the school year can be intimidating for everyone involved. There are a lot of papers to fill out, plus you need to get your schedule set for speech and language sessions. This means meeting with other teachers and parents to set a time that will be best for the child. Once everything is ready, it means that you must get to work on individual goals for each student that you work with. Lesson planning can be intimidating if you need to do it on the fly. Be sure to have resources ready for when you may need them. A new student, new concern, or need for a different focus can require new places to explore during the year ahead.

Pinterest boards for the win

In the past, Google was a great way to search for lesson plan ideas. These days, a quicker resource is Pinterest. This website, or application for your phone or tablet, will assist when you need ideas for articulation, conversational skill building, or generic topics. Pinterest is full of books, crafts, professional resources, lesson plans, and a myriad of other ideas. While they may not be perfect for your needs, it is often possible to tweak them to work for your students.

The search option on Pinterest allows you to search based on any keyword. When you type something in, pins with a visual and written description will come up. You may click on these to go to the website and also pin it to your own boards. The beauty of Pinterest boards is that you may make them to serve your own needs. While a craft idea from a lifestyle blogger may not be specifically about consonant blends, you may be able to work a way to utilize it with speech and language goals in mind.  When things are saved on your own board, you can go back to them at any time to look at it again.

Lessons from teachers and other professionals

Teachers Pay Teachers is another website that is great for speech pathologists. This website is made to highlight lesson plans by teachers to share with others. While there are some free items here, the point of the website is to support other teachers financially. There are generic resources available to use in your classroom, along with a specific area for Speech Therapy. Prices range from under $5.00 to over $10.00. This is also a great place to share your own lesson plans that work and earn some extra money.


Have any other fun tips and tricks to get ready for the school year? Please comment below!

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