All About Your Students

  • September 8, 2016
  • Bilingual Therapies

all about studentsEncouraging self-confidence is a crucial part to success with speech and language sessions. Allowing kids to share things about themselves will boost their conversational skills and give them practice that is needed. Take time to create books all about each individual student. These are perfect to give to parents at an open house and to send home for families to enjoy.

It’s best to have your own book to model done ahead of time. Make sure it is appropriate for the skill and age level you’re working with. It may be necessary to create different ones for specific grade levels that you support. In addition to this, create your blank books for the kids to use. The books could be folded in a traditional way, or as a fold book with tabs. Some topics that may be fun for the books include:

  • Drawing of yourself with your birthday and/or age
  • Favorite breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner
  • Your favorite book
  • Picture of your family doing something special
  • Cartoon character that you like
  • Song that you enjoy singing

After sharing your book with the group, talk about topics they would like to have in their version.  Make a list for everyone to look at later. Some ideas they may come up with are favorite toys, animals, flowers, subject in school, food or anything else that motivates the group to share.

The beauty of this activity is that it is flexible and each child has ownership of their own project. Older children may use sentences on their book pages with their items. Younger children may need assistance with key vocabulary words to include. This book will be going home with the child to practice words, skills, and language development. To assist others at home, it may be beneficial to everyone to have the translation on the page. This simple step will show the connection to their multilingual life.

When everyone is finished writing and coloring their books, spend time sharing them. Allow each child to go around and talk about their favorite page. Perhaps ask everyone what they would have added if there was more time. Remind everyone that they will be taking the books home with them. It’s the perfect way to share with others so they can get to know them. They may even want to pretend to be the teacher and explain about the book and get someone else to make their own.



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