Bilingual Therapies FAQs

You likely have questions about working with Bilingual Therapies, and we’re always available to answer them. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions about employment. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who should apply for a job with Bilingual Therapies?

Bilingual clinicians and clinical fellows who speak a second language at native or near-native proficiency, and that are interested in working with bilingual/bicultural children.

When can I apply for a job with Bilingual Therapies?

Applications are always welcome. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible so we can start working on your placement.

What credentials do you need to work for Bilingual Therapies?

We require a master’s degree for some professions; however, if you are approaching graduation or finishing your bachelor’s degree, we encourage you to apply. During the application process you will be required to obtain necessary certification and a temporary license, if applicable. You need to have a state license and certification to practice in the state where you would like to work. We will guide you during the process.

What languages does Bilingual Therapies support?

The majority of our work is in Spanish; however, we have successfully placed clinicians with Mandarin and Hindi language skills. Bilingual Therapies is always striving to diversify our offerings in hopes to present opportunities where our clinicians can use their second language.

How does Bilingual Therapies assess my second language skills?

We interview applicants in Spanish to assess your proficiency. In the event that your language is not Spanish, Bilingual Therapies will make every attempt to assess your proficiency with our potential clients.

If I have bilingual skills, but don’t have near-native proficiency, can I still work for Bilingual Therapies?

Yes. If you are working to become bilingual, but do not have near-native proficiency, you can still apply for employment. We will train you to become a bilingual clinician; and until you reach near-native proficiency, you can work for us as a monolingual clinician.

What professional credentials are required to work for Bilingual Therapies?

You need a state license and certification, if applicable, to practice in the state you want to work. As part of our support efforts, we will help you with the credentialing process.

Where do you place clinicians?

We place clinicians all over the country, and we work very hard to place you where you want to live.

What is the typical caseload for Bilingual Therapies’ clinicians?

There are many factors that can affect caseload size, including the specific state you want to work in and the needs of the school district you are supporting. Ultimately, our clinicians have caseloads that are comparable to those of other clinicians in the same school district.

Will I have an office at the school and a computer?

It depends on the site. Resources vary from district to district.

What is the referral bonus plan?

Bilingual Therapies encourages clinicians to refer friends or colleagues for employment. For every referred clinician who is hired and works for the company for one year, the referring employee receives a $500 bonus at the end of the contract year.