Bilingual Symposium – 2002

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Bilingual Therapies has hosted seven symposiums since 2001. Here you can review the highlights from previous symposiums.

2002 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Keynote Speaker: Li-Rong Lilly Cheng
  • Bilingual Pediatric Assessment and Treatment Approaches: T-Bam and T-Bit Methodology
    Presenter: Alina de la Paz
  • Phonological Assessment of Bilingual (Spanish-English) Children
    Presenter: Dr. Brian Goldstein
  • Recommendations for Teachers, Parents and SLPs
    Presenter: Dr. Hortencia Kayser
  • Implementing Speech and Language Goals Using Spanish Literature
    Presenter: Dr. Henriette Langdon
  • Bilingual Language Sampling: Issues and Techniques
    Presenter: Raúl Rojas