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Bilingual school occupational therapists help young people find strength in order to build the foundation for a successful future. At Bilingual Therapies, we can help you find a great job in order to ensure success in your future.

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  • Idaho TelePosition in Occupational Therapy

    Nampa, Idaho

    Idaho TelePosition in Occupational Therapy
    PT Position
    Vocovision provides clinical and technical training for all our Occupational Therapist with the ability to create your own work schedule within the ... (View Details)

    Schools - OT - Telehealth  
  • Nevada TelePosition in Occupational Therapy

    Elko, Nevada

    Nevada TelePosition in Occupational Therapy  
    PT Position
    Vocovision provides the advantages of not having to commute, the cost of gas, and the ability to connect with colleagues in rural areas. Becoming a remote ... (View Details)

    Schools - OT - Telehealth  
  • Occupational TeleTherapy in a Michigan District

    Saginaw, Michigan

    Occupation TeleTherapy in a Michigan District 
    Vocovision is hiring an Occupational Therapist to take on a mild to moderate caseload for a K-12 district. Transitioning from being an onsite therapist to a TeleTherapist adds a unique skill to not only your ... (View Details)

    Schools - OT - Telehealth  

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